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So i all Harry Potter movies again....and my mind just can't help but give all characters here were my thoughts while I was watching

Harry - Chandelure, Ninjask, Pyroar, Arbok, Absol, Noctowl (Died)

Ron - Umbreon, Patrat (Peter Pettigrew), Cradily

Hermione - Espeon, Braixen

Draco - Hydreigon, Ariados

Neville - Politoed

Luna - Gastly, Dragonair

Ginny - Frosslass, Kecleon

Dumbledore - Pyroar, Moltres, Togekiss

Voldemort - Gengar, Spiritomb, Houndour, Cofagrigus, Salazzle, Nagini (Giratina)

Snape - Arbok

McGonagall - Liepard

Hagrid - Rockruff, Galvantula

Bellatrix - Mismagius, Scolipede

Umbridge - Purugly, Clefairy, Liligant

Sirius Black - Absol

Remus Lupin - Lycanroc

Nymphadora - Zoroark

Slughorn - Dusknoir, Scizor

Flitwick - Pidgeotto

Molly - Audino

Fred and George - Magmortar, Sharpedo and Electivire, Alakazam respectively

Delacour - Tsareena
Anyone of you are making a fanmade pokemon game using RPG maker?.....Wanna use my fakemons? I also got an awesome story and some characters you might wanna use :)
I have created a fanmade Villainous Team for my Kaisa region :) They're called TEAM COMET

Their Boss' ultimate goal is to rule the entire world and/or expand their ruling into the rest of the universe.

This team is heavily and intelligently disguised as a very famous pokeball manufacturing corporation. The grunts and the 4 admins are in charge of carrying out plans incognito to devastate, corrupt and mislead the entire Kaisan population for the Boss to reign supreme above all.

As well as creating a certain pokemon that is able to be controlled under the boss to do it's bidding

This pokemon, being researched by a scientist admin and other scientist, must have the ability to control countless people and pokemon and fall under the Boss' commands.

I will be posting the grunts, admins and the boss soon...
I wanna start making i can earn do i start?
Here's another little secret. Whenever I watch a movie, I imagine pokemon in it. The characters own pokemon and they use them for battles and shit. Hell, i even thought how they got their pokemon in the first place

Here's an example. Let's say Harry Potter during the last events of Deathly Hallows:

His Pokemon during the second wizarding wars would be:

Chandelure - During the death of Harry's parents, a Litwick came by and tried to calm down baby Harry. They mistook it as his pokemon, but now Litwick became Harry's first pokemon. It evolved into Lampent during the last events of Goblet of Fire and evolved into Chandelure during the battle of the department of mystery

Ninjask - Ninjask used to be Diggory's pokemon. But after being traumatized by his trainer's death, Harry took care of Ninjask instead

Pyroar - Was Dumbledore's main pokemon but after he died, he went to Harry Potter as request by Dumbledore to protect him

Absol - Was Sirius Black's only pokemon. Now with a mission to protect Harry

Arbok - Was Severus Snape's pokemon. Was promised to keep a careful eye on Harry by his trainer even after he's gone.
I want to share a little a secret. It's probably the WEIRDEST THING I EVER DO.....whenever I listen to imagine pokemon singing the song in a music video....I shit you not, this is literally what I (sometimes) think about when listening to music.

Here is the list of artists and their pokemon counterparts I imagine when I listen to their songs

Katy Perry = Gardevoir
Ariana Grande = Diancie
Taylor Swift = Glaceon
Halsey = Alolan Ninetales
Rihanna = Primarina
Beyonce = Milotic
Adele = Aromatisse
Drake = Incineroar
Adam Levine = Gallade
Ed Sheeran = Umbreon
Justin Beiber = Male Meowstic
Justin Timberlake = Luxray
Eminem = Scrafty
Chris Brown = Mightyena
Which is the best name for fanmade pokemon region based on the Philippines?

Kaisa = from the filipino word meaning to be as one with someone you love dearly. Like a family

Yaban = An anagram of "Bayan" meaning a whole country, along with it's people, land etc. It also sounds like "laban" meaning "to fight"

Ziral = anagram of Rizal
Well....since Game Freak involuntarily stole my Incineroar starter line, i am force to make another one....which I already did. Get ready bois, grils, and apache helicopters, a new Fire/Bug starter is coming right around the corner

EDIT: It was a fucking joke. I didn't mean they ACTUALLY stole my Incineroar line....I'm still making a new fire starter tho
I have an opinion

I kinda hate it when people draw characters that are inanimate objects into humans with black skin.....why black? Take Bill Cipher for example. He sounds like some caucasian nerd teacher who teaches both science and history. He is also yellow, the lightest color of the 7 colors that is close to white.....and yet, some people draw him black? I get that diversity is supposed to be a thing. But if I were to draw an inanimate object character into a human, i would check its voice, its attitude, its color, and then i'll decide what he's supposed to look like as a human. For me, it's not about's about accuracy
Me and Sr. Danksworth IV
We are going on an adventure together :)

This was another project for Vector Class. We are required to make a scene of at least 1 human and 1 monster. In this scene, the human is me and the monster is based on my imaginary friend from when i was a child.


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Christopher Jeorge T. Alejo
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I'm a male Filipino and I love doing Digital Art, especially Pokemon. I'm in college now, so SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS FOR ME. right now, i'm trying to improve my drawing skill and trying to learn how to draw REALISTIC Stuff.

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I kinda hate it how people draw pokemon realistically. It's like they forget that their finish product doesn't look like the original pokemon at all. Like how Giratina is giant winged centipede, or how the Vanillite family are drawn as conch shells. Although, at the same time, The artworks are fucking amazing. I wonder how many days does it take to digitally draw something realistic...But seriously, when drawing pokemon realistically, please don't turn them into something else. Don't add or take away details. If knew how to draw realistic pokemon, I'd know how to draw them AS THEY ARE.


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unfortunately, i can't do that anymore.....i forgot how to anime....i'm more advanced now...and apparently i hate drawing anime style
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